Maiko Hagiya

Ever since she registered as an attorney in 1996, Ms. Maiko Hagiya has been an active member of the Tokyo Bar Association's Human Rights Protection Committee. In 1998, she served as the Association's Vice Chair, where she focused on human rights protection activities. Since then, she has made it her passion to strive for corporate compliance based on the knowledge she gained through her activities at the Association.

In 2005, she was appointed as a contract attorney for the Japan Federation of Bar Associations' Disciplinary Lawyers Committee, where she reviewed, analyzed and reported issues of cases involving disciplinary claims against lawyers to the Japan Federation of Bar Associations.

From 2010 to 2011, she served as the secretary for the Japan Women’s Bar Association and from June 2014 to May 2017, she served as the vice president of the same association (Japan Women’s Bar Association is an association organized by female lawyers (female judges, prosecutors, lawyers, and jurists) to improve women’s status and networking in the law industry). Through her experience as secretary and vice president of the Association, she has worked to expand the scope of activities of female lawyers in Japan, networking with other industries, and to promote international exchange with UN-related NGO groups.

In 2019, she was appointed as an outside director for the Cool Japan Fund Inc., and she continues to serve since 2021 as the chair of the Investment Committee within Cool Japan Fund Inc., where she focuses on building and maintaining the governance and compliance of the Organization and its portfolio companies.

We expect Ms. Hagiya to make useful suggestions to Fujitec's management and governance through her extensive knowledge and experience gained from her dedication to ensuring compliance and improving the social status of women.

Detailed Biography

Mar. 1996Registered as an attorney at law
Apr. 1998Vice-Chairman of Human Rights Protection Committee, Tokyo Bar Association
Apr. 2003Vice-Chairman of Human Rights Protection Committee, Tokyo Bar Association (second time)
Apr. 2005Commissioned Attorney of Discipline Committee, Japan Federation of Bar Associations
Jun. 2010Secretary of Japan Women's Bar Association
Jun. 2014Vice President of Japan Women's Bar Association
Jun. 2019Outside Director of Cool Japan Fund Inc. (to present)
Jun. 2021Chairman of Investment Committee within Cool Japan Fund Inc. , General Incorporated Association (to present)



I have accepted the role of outside director candidate at Fujitec Corporation with the objective of enhancing compliance and governance within the company. My aim is to cultivate an environment where employees take pride in their workplace, pursue self-realization and social contribution, and establish a robust corporate structure to support these aspirations. I am honored to contribute to the realization of these goals.

It is my sincere hope that Fujitec, a company that provides essential infrastructures including elevators and escalators in Japan, will fortify its compliance and governance to continue flourishing as a leading Japanese enterprise.