Letter for Sharefolder

A Lack of Disclosure - Nomination Process
National Security & Privacy Concerns
Our Position on Fujitec Co., Ltd's Proposal at the 76th Shareholder Meeting
Fujitec’s Customer Concerning Instability at Fujitec
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Better Board for Fujitec
Letter to Fujitec Shareholders
Regarding the Interviews

Our Statement

Elevators have a lifecycle of 30 years, where safety and reliability are paramount.
Since its establishment 75 years ago,
Fujitec has been regarded in the marketplace as a trust-worthy partner all around the world.

To further increase corporate value and competitiveness,
we believe we need a sound view and clear goals on business - which requires EXPERIENCE and STABILITY on the Board.

”Let’s build a future of sustainable growth for all of Fujitec’s stakeholders”

Vote FOR all 8 new Independent Directors to the Board

Meet the Independent Director candidates who will work hard to deliver shareholder value.

Let’s achieve corporate growth together

Learn about the business strategy and how the candidates will improve the board

Let’s exercise our shareholder rights to maximize corporate value

Learn about the Proposal

The current board has limited management and executive experience.

Our Promise to Shareholders

1 : Significant Shareholder Returns

  • A business plan and strategy that can achieve significant shareholder returns. Pay ¥100 per year in dividends for three years.
  • We nominate eight excellent candidates for the Board of Directors who can achieve this

2 : For “All” the Shareholders

  • To always consider the interests of all shareholders, including minority shareholders, and all stakeholders, without giving priority only to one's own short-term interests.

3 : Maintain the Business

  • Carefully evaluate all plans initiated by Oasis Directors to sell Fujitec and its elevator business to overseas buyers.
  • Assess the impact of potential sale on domestic and international infrastructure and public offices.
  • Adopt a very measured approach to business restructuring.

To all shareholders, we are asking for your vote for our eight outstanding candidates whom will help us deliver on our promise.