Tetsuya Nishikawa

After joining the National Police Agency of Japan, Mr. Tetsuya Nishikawa has led investigations on corruption cases and large-scale white-collar crime cases, and was concurrently appointed as a foreign affairs officer in the Foreign Affairs Division of the Security Bureau of the National Police Agency. After receiving training at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan, he was appointed for service at the Japanese Embassy in the Philippines, where he gathered intelligence on the affairs surrounding the last phase of the Marcos government. He also handled the investigation of cases involving insider trading and extortion involving major supermarket companies during his time as a senior commanding officer at the Criminal Investigation Bureau and Crime Prevention Bureau of the Metropolitan Police Department.

In addition, during his days as Counselor at the Defense Agency of Japan, he was in charge of cyber affairs, which had oversight over the entire IT system within the Agency. He also has experience as the head of Personnel Education Bureau where he participated in Personnel Guidance Administration and as the Director General of Ministry of Defense where he worked on the transition of the Defense Agency to the Ministry of Defense.

He currently works as an attorney at law involved in corporate legal affairs, general civil affairs, and corporate crime-related cases.

We believe that Mr. Nishikawa's outstanding practical experience in dealing with domestic and international fraud, criminal acts and corporate scandals, as well as his ability to manage large organizations and carry out reforms, will enhance the Company’s corporate governance in the areas of crisis management, scandal response, governance and legal affairs.

He was awarded The Order of the Sacred Treasure, Gold and Silver Star in the autumn of 2017.

Detailed Biography

Apr. 1972 Joined the National Police Agency
Aug. 1989Director of Second Investigation Division, Criminal Investigation Bureau, Metropolitan Police Department
Jan. 1991Counselor of Criminal Investigation Department and Crime Prevention Department, Metropolitan Police Department
Apr. 1993Chief of Wakayama Prefectural Police Headquarters
Mar. 1998Chief of Niigata Prefectural Police Headquarters
Aug. 2005Chief Cabinet Secretary, Defense Agency
Jan. 2007Chief Cabinet Secretary, Ministry of Defense
Dec. 2007Assistant Chief Cabinet Secretary
Aug. 2009Advisor to Meiji Yasuda Life Insurance Company
Nov. 2011Advisor to Sompo Japan Insurance Inc. (formerly Sompo Japan Nippon Koa)
Jan. 2012Registered as an attorney at law (Dai-ichi Tokyo Bar Association) and joined Kasahara Law Office
Jun. 2012 Outside Corporate Auditor of TAIHEI Engineering Co., Ltd. (to present)
May 2013Outside Corporate Auditor of SEKIDO CO., LTD. (to present)
Jun. 2013Outside Director of LAC Co., Ltd.
Jun. 2014Outside Corporate Auditor of Shimizu Corporation
Mar. 2016Councilor of Iwatani Naoji Foundation (to present)
Mar. 2016Special Advisor of Iwatani Corporation (to present)
Jul. 2018Auditor of Japan Institute for Space and Security (to present)
Dec. 2018Outside Corporate Auditor of SOKEN CO., LTD. (to present)
Oct. 2019Member of the Board of Shibunkai (to present)
Jun. 2020Member of the Board of Kodokan Judo Institute (to present)



I am grateful for the opportunity to be considered as an external director candidate for the Fujitec Board of directors. With extensive experience in both public and behind-the-scenes aspects of the information technology and security ecosystem in Japan, I understand the weight of responsibility involved in such an appointment, as any risks arising in this area may impact the stability of the business environment and the wider community. As such, the gravity of this responsibility  - but also the opportunity to contribute to better, more sustainable outcomes – were critical factors in my decision to accept the nomination.  

When presented with this proposal, I recognized that there are likely to be particular issues and challenges that differ from my previous experiences as an external director, auditor, investigator and officer. Nonetheless, I believe my experience across many of the risk domains that confront today’s corporate sector, such as cyber-security and fraud prevention, will readily transfer to the governance level of an iconic Japanese company in Fujitec and complement the skills and experience of other directors.  

In addition to this contributing this expertise, my primary motivation for seeking election to the board is to assist in restoring  harmony and diversity in our company’s operations, and working to establish a path that aligns with our nation’s cultural values and way of life, which I consider to be the "righteous" course of action. 

Imposing ideas or strategies that are one-sided and stem from the narrow beliefs or extreme misunderstandings of a few individuals can create tension within the varied interests and concerns of shareholders and stakeholders. To prevent this and find solutions, we must remain open to alternative viewpoints or conflicting ideas, always prioritizing mutual understanding and respect as the cornerstone of our approach.