Meet the candidates who will add value to Fujitec and to your investment

All Candidates are fully independent from the Uchiyama family - see the statements of independence

All director nominees meet the independence criteria stipulated by Fujitec, the Companies Act, the Tokyo Stock Exchange, and ICGN.

Kazuyoshi Kimura

Kazuyoshi Kimura is a seasoned professional with over 40 years in Japan's financial security industry, holding executive roles at Nikko Securities, Nikko Asset Management Co., Ltd., and Nikko Cordial Securities Inc. (now SMBC Nikko Securities). His subsequent roles included CEO of Kojima Co., Ltd., CEO of Bic Camera, Inc., and Outside Director at several firms, including Hitachi Koki (now Koki Co., Ltd.) and Daiwa House Industry Co., Ltd. Currently serving as Outside Director of SPARX Group Co., Ltd., and World Holdings Co., Ltd., Kimura is recognized for his deep understanding of investor protection and fair disclosure rules, his commitment to corporate governance, and his focus on improving employee engagement. Based on his extensive experience and record, he is considered an ideal candidate for the role of Outside Director at Fujitec, expected to significantly contribute to the improvement of corporate governance and long-term enhancement of corporate value.

Tetsuya Nishikawa

Tetsuya Nishikawa is a distinguished professional with a diverse background in law enforcement, international affairs, and legal practice. His career began with the National Police Agency of Japan, where he led investigations into corruption and white-collar crimes, concurrently serving as a foreign affairs officer. He later took up a role at the Japanese Embassy in the Philippines, collecting intelligence on the Marcos government. His experience extends to overseeing cyber affairs at the Defense Agency of Japan, guiding personnel administration, and aiding the transition of the Defense Agency to the Ministry of Defense. Now a practicing attorney, Mr. Nishikawa's extensive experience in handling domestic and international fraud, corporate scandals, and governance, along with his ability to manage large organizations, make him a valuable asset to Fujitec's corporate governance. He was awarded The Order of the Sacred Treasure, Gold and Silver Star in 2017.

Daisuke Kotegawa

Daisuke Kotegawa is a seasoned finance professional with significant experience handling financial crises in Japan since the late 1990s. During his tenure at the Ministry of Finance, he managed the liquidation of major securities companies and was instrumental in the partial nationalization of significant banks. He played a key role in numerous international negotiations, enhancing Japan's standing in the World Bank and organizing influential committees at the OECD. As Japan's Representative Director of IMF, he successfully managed the financial crises following the Lehman Brothers' collapse. Besides this, Mr. Kotegawa has been an esteemed lecturer at globally recognized institutions. We anticipate his robust international experience and practical skills in finance and business revitalization to be invaluable to Fujitec's sustainable growth. He is proficient in Japanese, English, Russian, and German.

Maiko Hagiya

Maiko Hagiya is an accomplished attorney with a strong focus on human rights protection and corporate compliance. Since her registration as an attorney in 1996, she has held prominent roles in the Tokyo Bar Association and the Japan Federation of Bar Associations, working extensively on disciplinary cases. She also played significant roles in the Japan Women’s Bar Association, championing the expansion of female lawyers' activities and international exchange with UN-related NGOs. Since 2019, she has been an Outside Director for the Cool Japan Fund Inc., focusing on governance and compliance. Ms. Hagiya's comprehensive experience in legal compliance and commitment to improving women's social status in the industry positions her to provide valuable insights for Fujitec's management and governance.

Nobuki Sugihara

Nobuki Sugihara, the surviving child of Chiune Sugihara, who issued "Visas for Life" saving many Jews from Nazi persecution, has a strong global influence, advocating for refugees and world peace. With an education from The Hebrew University of Jerusalem and extensive experience in international diamond trade, he established Belgodia, a diamond mining, import/export, and venture capital company in Belgium. He also founded Filon SARL in Madagascar and ABC Diamonds in Belgium. Given his business acumen and commitment to social causes, we believe Mr. Sugihara's experience will guide Fujitec's global expansion and help establish ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) aligned policies, contributing to long-term growth.

Akira Tsuda

Akira Tsuda brings vast experience in the financial sector and promoting compliance, beginning with his career at Nomura Securities Co., Ltd., where he rose to the position of Executive Managing Director. After Nomura, he continued to support several start-ups at JAFCO Group Co., Ltd., and later served as President of Nippon Venture Capital Co., Ltd. He has also played crucial roles in strengthening governance at The Kita-Nippon Bank, Ltd., FCE Holdings, and as the Chairman of the Japan Compliance Promotion Association. Given his proven track record in growing businesses and enforcing compliance, we believe Mr. Tsuda's objective insights will help enhance Fujitec's corporate governance and value.

Hiroki Okimoto

Hiroki Okimoto possesses extensive experience in business management, revitalization, and advisory roles across various industries in Japan and abroad. His work spans companies, financial institutions, and consulting firms, including executive roles at several operating companies and advisory positions at firms like Deloitte Tohmatsu and Boston Consulting Group. Okimoto's experience in the financial industry includes positions at Fuji Bank and SBI Holdings. His accomplishments include leading the financial restructuring of LDH after the Livedoor Incident, orchestrating the restructuring of Digit Brain, addressing accounting fraud and restructuring at NIWS Co., and leading two companies to go public. Given his diverse and extensive experience, Okimoto is expected to contribute significantly to Fujitec's capital policy and global strategic planning.

Kenji Uenishi

Kenji Uenishi has extensive international experience, including a significant tenure at General Electric's Aero Engines Division where he increased the company's aircraft engine market share in Japan. Later, as President of GE Energy’s Asia Pacific Region, he led a diverse team across 14 countries, achieving strong sales growth and operating margin. Uenishi also has experience as a director for major Japanese manufacturers and founded the Japanese office of Swiss startup PriceHubble. As a candidate for Outside Director, his experience in global operating companies and supply chains will bring valuable insights to Fujitec's management. He is a U.S. citizen and holds a Ph.D. in Aerospace Engineering from George Washington University.

Expertise and Experience of candidates for outside directors

1: Capital Markets, Shareholder Relation, Capital Structure

Kazuyoshi Kimura

Former Nikko Securities Co., Ltd. (currently SMBC Nikko Securities Inc.), Executive Vice President

Mr. Kimura has a thorough understanding of investor protection, including fair disclosure rules, which he has developed through his practical experience in the financial securities industry.

Akira Tsuda

Former Nomura Securities Co., Ltd., Representative Director & Senior Managing Director

Mr. Tsuda has an outstanding record and experience in growing and developing numerous companies and promoting compliance.

2: Global economic understanding and experience, ESG and global trends

Daisuke Kotegawa

Former Representative Director of Japan to the IMF

Mr. Kotegawa to contribute to Fujitec's long-term sustainable growth by using his world-class international experience and outstanding practical skills across the areas of finance, business revitalization, and corporate management.

Nobuki Sugihara

Honorary Advisor of The Chiune Sugihara Memorial Foundation

Mr. Nobuki Sugihara will contribute to Fujitec's long-term growth by providing us with the advice we need to develop our global business and by helping us formulate appropriate policies from an ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) perspective.

3:Business strategy (specifically, profitability and margin planning, supply chain management)

Hiroki Okimoto

Former Partner of Boston Consulting Group 

Mr. Hiroki Okimoto has extensive practical experience in business management and rehabilitation in a wide range of industries spanning operating companies, financial institutions and consulting firms, both within Japan and abroad and has been deeply involved in the growth and revitalization of businesses from the perspective of management, creditor/shareholder, and advisor.

Kenji Uenishi

Former GE Energy Asia-Pacific Region Headquarters President

Mr. Uenishi holds extensive experience with international and large-scale operating companies and his knowledge gained through successful experience with global supply chains.


Tetsuya Nishikawa

Former Chief Cabinet Secretary, Defense Agency / Lawyer

Mr. Nishikawa's outstanding practical experience in dealing with domestic and international fraud, criminal acts and corporate scandals, as well as his ability to manage large organizations and carry out reforms, will enhance the Company’s corporate governance in the areas of crisis management, scandal response, governance and legal affairs. 

Maiko Hagiya

Outside Director for the Cool Japan Fund Inc. / Lawyer

Ms. Hagiya has extensive knowledge and experience gained from her dedication to ensuring compliance and addressing challenges for women equality and human rights

The Proposed Nominees Would Constitute a More Balanced Board

Selection process of our 8 candidates

Details considered

  • What skills and knowledge is the current board lacking?
  • To propel Fujitec forward, what skills and knowledge does the board need?

Fujitec's board needs the below skills and experience

  • Capital Markets and Shareholder Relation experience, capital structure knowledge
  • Global economic understanding and experience, ESG and global trends
  • Expertise and knowledge in business strategy (specifically, profitability and margin planning, supply chain management)
  • Governance

In addition

The current board has no management experience, executive experience, and actual board experience. We believe that there needs to be a good mix and variety of the three.

An independent headhunter narrowed down and choose the best 8 candidates for the board.