Results of Further Investigation into the Relationship between Fujitec's Current Outside Directors and Oasis

We would like to announce that through further investigation, the following has now been revealed, further strengthening the theory that the control of Fujitec by Oasis was highly planned.

We have received information that Oasis and Clark Graninger have known each other for over 10 years, since 2009, and that it is clear that Oasis and Clark Graninger are not independent as they claim (i.e introduced via Headhunter)

The other three outside directors (Umino, Gessner, Shimada) were said to be introduced by headhunters, but we have information that they were introduced by a brokerage firm that provides prime brokerage services (comprehensive services for hedge funds) to Oasis. Moreover, the director candidates and Oasis's relationship has existed since January 2022 (more than six months before the extraordinary general meeting).

We would appreciate it if you could use this information as a reference in your decision to exercise your voting rights.

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